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8/31/20 11:00 am
Village of East Syracuse Municipal Building Roof Replacement and Improvements
Arcadis of New York
Village Municipal Office Building located at 204 North Center Street, East Syracuse, NY 13057.
The Project consists of roof renovations, exterior brick wall improvements, asbestos abatement and other improvements at the Village Municipal Office Building located at 204 North Center Street, East Syracuse, NY 13057.
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8/27/20 2:00 pm
Contract No ARPS-20-01 Adirondack Scenic Railroad Maintenance and Repair Facility
Plumley Engineering, PC
The project encompasses the supply of materials and labor to construct a 50 by 100-foot maintenance and repair facility, as well as approximately 500 feet of rail access to the facility.
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9/3/20 2:00 pm
MRB Group
152 Bolivar Road, Wellsville NY 14895
The project consists of a comprehensive upgrade to the wastewater treatment plant including but not limited to, the following: selective demolition of existing components of the influent channel and grit chamber, trickling filters, recirculation pump building, chemical building, secondary clarifiers, chlorine contact tank, anaerobic digesters, solids dewatering facility and solids storage facilities and various other selective demolition components. The construction of a new screening building and mechanical upgrades for grit removal. The construction of a new landfill leachate storage tank and ancillary mechanical improvements including but not limited to feed pump, mixers and level control devices. The conversion of existing rock media trickling filters to plastic media biotowers and associated tankage. Construction of a new secondary clarifier and improvements to existing secondary clarifiers. Construction of a new chlorine contact disinfection chamber and new bulk chemical storage building. Modifications to existing chlorine contact tank for miscellaneous treatment processes. Construction of miscellaneous improvements to existing anaerobic digesters. Upgrades to existing mechanical solids dewatering process. Improvements to existing sludge drying bed pole barns. Miscellaneous improvements including replacement of hand rails, roof replacement, fencing, drainage, and grading. Work includes general site construction, concrete/masonry tankage and building construction, equipment installation and process piping, electrical construction, plumbing construction, HVAC construction, Instrumentation and Controls overall Supervisory Control and Data Acquisiton (SCADA) System.
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8/11/20 2:00 pm
Town of Webb Public Restrooms - Rebid #1
2B Architecture + Design PLLC
190 Crosby Boulevard Old Forge NY 13420 within the Town of Webb
The Project consists of constructing a single story, approximately 670 square foot Type V Building to house public toilet rooms located at 109 Crosby Boulevard Old Forge NY 13420 within the Town of Webb.
Bidding Closed
8/27/20 3:15 pm
City of Utica
Utica, New York
Bidding Closed
7/9/20 2:30 pm
Union Springs Central School District 2019 Capital Improvement Project Phase 3
Clark Patterson Lee (Rochester)
Located in Union Springs, N.Y. 13160
THE UNION SPRINGS CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT invites bids for Single Prime Contract for ABATEMENT Work for UNION SPRINGS CENTRAL SCHOOL 2019 Capital Improvement Project - Phase 3
Bidding Closed
7/2/20 3:15 pm
City of Utica - Parking Garage Repairs
City of Utica
Utica, NY
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7/9/20 2:00 pm
OCDWEP Project No 587642-001 ONGOV-099-20 Harbor Brook Treatment Wetlands CSO Storage
Harbor Brook Treatment Wetlands CSO Storage
The project consists of modifications to the existing Harbor Brook Treatment Wetlands to include new precast concrete structures, a cast-in-place grit chamber, pile-supported foundations, sewer piping, access road improvements, and related electrical and instrumentation work.
Bidding Closed
7/2/20 3:15 pm
O'Brien & Gere (Utica)
Bidding Closed
7/9/20 11:00 am
Town of Dewitt Edinger Drive Water Tank Solar Power Supply
Miller Engineers
2020 Electrical Maintenance and Emergency Repair Contract